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Here to support you

Empowering young women, and their families, through cancer and beyond.


Who are we?

Our Story

Having witnessed first-hand the unique challenges that young women face when they are given a cancer diagnosis, Victoria’s Promise was born to fulfil the promise Victoria asked her family to make – to find ways to support and empower them through their journey and beyond.

How can we help?

VP Support

We offer nationwide community support via our Victoria’s Promise App where you can join in weekly webinars and gain support from other VP Ladies going through a similar journey. We also welcome family members onto the app for support on their journey.

We offer in person support services for young women diagnosed and/or treated for cancer at a specific local hospitals. All services are funded and provided by Victoria’s Promise.

Get involved!

Support Us

There are lots of different ways to help Victoria’s Promise and contribute to supporting our VP Ladies through cancer. Some of these ways are:

Promise Bears


Be a part of something BIG. Promise Bears will be the first UK-based charity NFT collection. Every NFT sold will support one woman through their cancer journey.

Victoria’s Promise have teamed up with renowned artist ‘Penny Crayon NFT’ to launch their own collection of digital art, the first of its kind. Penny Crayon, who was recently invited to give a talk at the Tate modern on her artworks, has donated her time, skills and expertise to create and curate a collection of Promise Bears, and they are awesome!

Get notified when we launch

We’ll be going live on August 1st at 9:30pm BST. If you want to be notified when we officially launch, fill in your information below and we’ll email you on launch day.